Greetings. The information contained in this work is based on the personal experiences of recovery, gained through researching and practicing the current and historical knowledge of remedial health. The big picture and the details are condensed and simplified for the benefit of the reader.

In view of the contents of this material, it is preconsidered that the sovereign power, grace, and provision of God is constantly evident in severity and in goodness. Whosoever the reader, may the reader understand.


Remedial Health & Regeneration

What is remedial health?

What is regeneration?

The Power Points
  1. What It’s All About
  2. You & Your House
  3. Water, Water Everywhere
  4. Real Foods and Superfoods
  5. Air & Activities
  6. Enough is Enough
  7. Whosoever Will…

Remedial Health & Regeneration

What is remedial health?

The word remedial comes from the word remedy. Remedy is derived from the old Latin word remedium (medeor) meaning (to) heal.

The word remedy used as a verb means to rectify or make good. Remedy used as a noun, referring to health means: (a) medicine or treatment either for or against (a) disease. Remedial health therefore, is medicine(s) or treatment(s) provided for “the making better of” or “the healing of” disease.

What is regeneration?

The word regeneration comes from the word generate, which means, to make or produce. Regeneration simply mans: to remake or renew again. (The more complete meaning also includes improvement in condition.) Regeneration is the reason, (not the cause), why life goes on.

The Power Points

What It’s All About

In A Nutshell”

Remedial health and regeneration are about learning and practicing both old and recent solutions which serve to benefit peoples’ lives. Of course, not all things work for all people in the same manner.

Still, there is a great deal of proven and generally practiced health knowledge that can and will complement most all people.

Repairing or fixing our malfunctioning bodies, as well as maintaining our renewed or improved health, is what it’s all about, “in a nutshell”.

You and Your House

People have been building various types of shelters and houses to live in throughout history. When naturally occurring troubles came against their “houses”, people learned how to fix and/or prevent similar housing problems.

In the same way, mankind also learned that our physical bodies are subject to both the destructive and constructive laws of nature.

The physical body, (the “house” you live in), is subject to both degeneration and regeneration. In this information, regeneration refers to the process by which the body is constantly working to renew itself. For example, on average at any given moment, approximately 1/3 of your 100 trillion cells are dying; 1/3 are maintaining; and 1/3 are being newly made.

In order to gain, maintain, or improve our health condition, there are certain facts we must realize and act upon. First of all, our body is our own personal “house”. It does not belong to anyone else. Secondly, the condition of the “house” we live in is primarily, (as much as possible), our own personal responsibility. No one else lives in your house, and you are the authority who should make the choices as concerns your personal health.

If we have, or acquire the right knowledge and good materials that are available, we can benefit our own lives, as well as those around us.

One of the first requirements of keeping or getting our bodies healthy is “house cleaning”, or “cleansing”. In remedial health, cleansing refers to a number of various body detoxification methods and materials.

In general, a person needs to clean out the garbage, or corruption, as much as possible, as well as, replace or restock the life healing and regeneration components necessary for good health.

Most people can quite easily learn and become their own primary health care provider. Taking the opportunities available, combined with a sincere desire, and some basic beneficial actions, you can accomplish some amazing results.

Remember, this is about you and your house. Cleaning your house and re-stocking it with the right “goodies” is as basic and as profound, as it is life enhancing.

Water, Water Everywhere

With an abundance of water, and technology to produce good water, would it surprise you to find out that most people are unknowingly suffering from dehydration?

Water is the bodies’ number one solvent and a vital essential nutrient. It is involved in nearly every function of our living system. (Yes, your house is alive). Among other things, a water shortage in our system means we also suffer an energy shortage.

To keep our bodies functioning properly, it is advisable to drink at least eight to twelve 8 ounce glasses of water every day. This amount is the long known standard of consumption. The trillions of cells in your body are crying out daily (if you could just hear them) for lots and lots of good water. When we supply our cells with an abundance of water, they are more able to fight off disease, clean and repair our house, and recharge our power system.

Without enough good water throughout the day, our bodies cannot efficiently flush out toxins and by-products of metabolism. In other words, over time, we begin to plug up our systems, and prevent our bodies from neutralizing and eliminating harmful toxins and waste materials.

Many people in our “modern civilized societies” are becoming unhealthier earlier, suffering more, and dying younger, due to “gummed up” body systems, especially the gastrointestinal tract. The more corruption we have in our bodies, (houses), the more the process of “household” deterioration is taking place.

When it comes to healing and rebuilding our health, drinking plenty of good quality water is absolutely vital.

A special bit of important information about what people are “drinking”, needs to be included at this point.

Regular coffee, tea, pop, and “pseudo-juice” drinks, should rather be taken in moderation or eliminated completely. For the most part, these “drinks,” do little or nothing to benefit the health condition of your body. Regular tea and coffee actually dehydrate the body. The so called, “soft drinks”, especially carbonated pops that are classified as “diet”; “low-calorie’; “low” or “no sugar”; or drinks containing any artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, should be avoided like a plague. The rest of these “soft drinks” and “non-natural juice drinks”, should also be shunned. The non-nutritive refined sugars in these “drinks”, have already addicted hundreds of millions of young people and adults alike. Refined sugars are so stripped of nutrients that they cease to have any nutritional value at all.

In fact, refined sugars cause a subtle degeneration in our physical systems. In order for the body to metabolise refined sugars, it must rob valuable nutrients from other sources within the body. As a result, the more of these “negative nutrients” you consume, the less nourished you become.

When you drink any of these “sweet treats”, you soon feel a “sugar rush” or what you have been led to believe is “a surge of energy”. In reality, what is taking place, is that your body is working hard and fast, trying to process or metabolise these non-foods. The false sugars in these “drinks” are actually stripping energy away from your body. This is the real explanation of why, after drinking one of these “soft drinks”, people feel a type of body “rush”, and shortly thereafter, they feel more “drained” than before. Without knowing this, we soon find ourselves looking to get another “energy boost” or “sugar fix” so we can get through the day. Meanwhile, in reality, the debilitating and subtle degeneration of our bodies caused by these “drinks”, (and all other refined sugar sources) takes its’ toll in damages, day after day. Enough said.

Many people today are actually suffering from a primary disease condition known as acidosis. This condition occurs when our bodies, (“which are acid producing machines”), are not able to effect a healthy acid/alkaline balance. When our bodies become overly acidic at a cellular level, they start functioning in a very unhealthy, degenerative way. Fortunately, we have good information on this type of ph imbalance.

Can you guess what one of the primary remedial factors might be? Yes, it’s good old life giving water. Lots and lots of good quality water. Of course, there’s more to the total solution, but water is a fundamental, essential factor.

As concerning overeating and excess weight difficulties, water can be of immense benefit. Were you aware of the fact that water is a natural appetite suppressant? It also plays a vital role in weight loss, and the maintaining of a reduced weight level. Indeed, the consumption of water, (between meals and 20 – 30 minutes after meals), is a life regenerating necessity that many of us seem to have forgotten, to our detriment.

Wow, all of this stimulating information about the benefits of water, has made me so thirsty…just gotta’ go and get a big oversized jugfull…


Water anyone?


Real Foods & Superfoods

Here’s simple question: “What is food?” A quick and simple answer could be stated: “Food is what a person eats.” Yes, indeed. A better two fold question is: “What am I eating and why am I eating it?”

The basic dictionary definition of food is: substance(s) taken into (an) animal or plant to maintain life and growth. As well, it has been stated; “the primary purpose of food is to provide fuel for the bodys’ metabolism” (useage).

We know, of course, that without food, people can, and do, starve to death in a relatively short period of time. The reason this happens, is because our body is being deprived of the materials or nutrients it must have, in order to maintain it’s natural function.

When our bodies (houses) are not getting all or enough, of the right materials (nutrients) for daily maintenance and endurance, the degenerative process is in effect.

When speaking of natural physical degeneration, (deterioration), it needs to be made well known, that nutritional deficiencies are a foundational problem.

If we supply our bodies with what they really need and require, they are naturally equipped with the ability to overcome degenerative disease conditions, and provide us with regenerating, optimum health. What people take into their bodies, will either produce a healthy regenerating body, or, an increasing sick malfunctioning body (to whatever degree).

Now, let’s jump right into the heart of the matter. The reality is simply this: for the most part, our “mass produced, nutrient-deficient convenience foods”, are not able to supply our bodies with the necessary nutrients essential for good health. All well informed health researchers and practitioners are competently knowledgeable of this reality. So what can a body do?

We can learn to eat more “real foods” and superfoods”, as well as, avoid consuming products which are either less beneficial, or out-right detrimental. Hallelujah! Right on!…Huh?…What real foods? Superfoods…?

In general, real foods are those naturally occurring food sources that nature provides for us. Un-altered fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, fish, poultry, beef, etc. All of these are basic and real foods.

However, people also need to be aware of the facts concerning nutrient deficient soils, and the overly abundant application and effects of chemical toxins. Even our so called, naturally produced or derived food sources, are not what they could be. Far from it. Therefore, we should seek to find, and eat more, from the better food sources, which are truly, “organically derived” and “toxin free” (within reason, as much as possible).

Now , what is this “superfood” thing about? Actually, there are two classifications for superfoods.

There are superfoods produced by nature, and man-made superfoods. A superfood is a relatively rare occurrence in nature. A natural superfood is a single food source which is highly concentrated, and has a complex supply of quality nutrients. Natural bee pollen and blue-green algae are two of the better known natural superfoods.

Man-made superfoods are foods or food supplements which are derived from natural souces and scientifically enhanced and produced. Various kinds of extracts and bio-actively enhanced, nutrient rich foods and food supplements, are found in this classification.

As a rule, the more of these real foods and superfoods we take into our bodies (houses), the better our “living condition” is or becomes.

Even just a few simple changes to our grocery lists, can be of significant value as concerning how we feel and function. A few examples, which work towards improving our health are:

  1. Margarine – no! – Butter – yes!

  2. Refined breads/flours/cereals – no! – Organic, sprouted grain breads; whole grain flours and cereals – yes!

  3. Refined sugars – no! – Unpasteurized; raw honey; molasses/or stevia – yes!

  4. Soda pop/carbonated beverages – no! – Fresh fruit or vegetables juices – yes!

The pay off for even just these few grocery list changes, are immense.

Once again, it’s your “house”, and your choices that make the difference.

And what a difference real foods and superfoods, along with a few healthier choices and actions, can make!

Air & Activities

Meanwhile, back at our “house”, our trillions of living cells, being well fed and watered, are anxiously waiting for some stimulating activity to participate in.

Shall we oblige? What are the benefits?

When it comes to exercise and air (oxygen), again the pay off is immense. When speaking of exercising, in combination with air supply, there is a hockey sock full of activities people can choose from.

More importantly, we need to realize and understand, that regular health enhancing activities are a must, for the renewal of good health. The regenerating vitality of an oxygen rich body produces awesome rewards. Regular, moderate, and varied exercising activities, can provide us with inspiration, motivation, and enjoyment, all in the same package. Walking, swimming, gardening, aerobics, bicycling, marching on the spot, stretching and enhanced breathing activities (etc.) are all very advantageous.

Regular exercise stimulates and increases our blood flow, which in turn, provides good nutrient and oxygen delivery to our cells. An increased oxygen uptake helps to burn more calories, destroy toxins, produce more energy, and improve cardiovascular health.

A major key to reaping the benefits of a continuous exercising lifestyle, is to partake in activities which we enjoy.

The important practical issues of exercising activities should involve the following:

  • flexibility or stretching to maintain or improve mobility

  • muscle conditioning for strength and endurance

  • cardiorespiratory or aerobic conditioning for maintaining or improving oxygen uptake.

Generally speaking, people who are more physically active are healthier and live longer than those who are not.

Living in a strong, well maintained and oxygen rich “house”, is a rather desirable and enjoyable, “living condition”.

Let’s be sports and oblige our cells…ah…ourselves. Shall we?

Tennis anyone?

Tennis anyone?


Enough is Enough

Learning and practicing remedial health and regeneration also involves the principle of moderation.

Cleansing and detoxification is necessary and good, yet, if carried to unnecessary extremes, these practices can also be detrimental.

Drinking plenty of good water everyday is beneficial, but a person doesnt need to become such a water tank, that they slosh when they walk.

There is a world of difference between “eating to live” and “living to eat”.

A person doesn’t benefit by sucking up so much oxygen that they black-out, convulse, and end up in a coma.

Nor should people burn themselves out with exercise or activities that produce extremes of exhaustion. “Stress unto death” does not need to be a personal or national pass time.

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.

It is necessary and important to have enough sleep each day. Relaxation breaks and laughter are also truly beneficial.

A continual “panic mentality”, encourages unhealthy degeneration and can eventually lead to breakdown.

The degenerative factors that contribute to and result in mental/emotional, or physical breakdowns, are well documented and real.

To date, there is no listing of any recovery books or journals, expounding the joys and pleasures of experiencing a physical, or, mental/emotional breakdown.

At the same time, it also needs to be stated, that even stress and excess are beneficial in their proper time, place and applications.

There are numerous factors with each and all individuals, yet, within the variables, the principle of moderation works well for most people.

Learning to practice moderation, (temperance), within the various aspects of our lives, can lessen our experiences of misery, and add to our experiences of well being and satisfaction.

When all is said and done, truly, enough is enough.

Whosoever Will…

Take time to re-read this booklet, and adopt and use as much of the information, as you choose, to your benefit. The information now belongs to you. You’ve learned it, you’ve earned it. You’re worthy of the benefits. And, lest we forget,…there’s a good Lord up above, and He’s looking down in truth and love,…so-o-o…till then…have a day!

Hype and hoax, fools lots of folks;

Yet, the truth endures forever.”