Attention! Alert! A breaking news story has just been called in by an anonymous, but reliable source; we’ve been informed that a jersey cow in a farmers field has been spotted climbing up a tree! It has further been alleged, that the farmer himself is considered by the local people and the authorities, to be somewhat of an eccentric with a “mad scientist” type of personality. We have reporters now working on this very disturbing story and we’ll keep you posted as we receive further updates.

How believable is the afore-written story? Are most people, slightly, moderately, highly, or extremely gullible? Accepting the fact that no one knows everything, and that we are all gullible to some degree, can be humiliating or even shocking, to our egos’ at times. Nevertheless, the “gullibility factor” is true for all people.

In a world predominantly entangled in lies, and/or deceptions, how many of us dare to question the validity of what we are commonly taught or told? How many of us can relate to the statement: “catch on you will, when you’re tumbling downhill”, or: “you’ll know it’s true when it happens to you?”

The reason for putting forth this information is, (hopefully) to stimulate and encourage people to think and reason things out for themselves.

For example, which of the following would you believe, or think to be reasonably truthful and accurate?

  1. Colds and flu’s can generally be prevented by constantly updating your cold and flu shot vaccinations, and avoiding being around, or in contact, with others who are already afflicted.
  2. Colds and flu’s can be prevented by building and maintaining a strong, healthy immune system.

For another example, which of the following would you believe, or think, to to be reasonably truthful and accurate?

  1. We urgently need you to help us raise money for cancer research, so that we may find the cure. You can run, walk, dance, bike, or hike. Whatever you can do to help us raise more money, no matter what is is, we will publicly announce to the world what a great hero and supporter of our cause you truly are.
  2. Remedies (cures), for cancer(s) and other health afflictions have been, and still are, known and available. The writer(s) of these very words would not be writing these words if there were no remedies (cures) for cancer(s) and other health afflictions.

We hope you have enjoyed our brief commentary entitled: “The Cow Climbed Up The Tree”, and find it at least somewhat beneficial.

P.S. The last rumor…err…report we heard was that the psycho-farmer is now busy building his freaked-out cow a moderately sized, but comfortable, tree-house. Is there a lesson here, or what? Wow! Problem solved. See what innovative thinkers farmers can be. Right on!